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The items below have been developed to support teaching and writing elsewhere on the site.

They normally help to apply the points from a blog article, but could also demonstrate the route to deeper aspects of learning in Finance.

FREE WHITE PAPER: How Finance Can Drive Business Performance

By Andy Burrows

This short guide describes:

1. Why the Finance function is all about driving the performance of the business;

2. The principles behind the way that Finance is expected to drive performance;

3. A framework and approach for Finance to use in driving business performance.

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Finance Career Action Planner


Be intentional about your Finance career with this free workbook, which contains questions designed to guide you to the priorities you need to focus on next in order to move your career forward in the Finance function.

Whether your ambition is to be a CFO, or whether it's just to be as successful as possible, this will help you to think in the right categories for increased confidence, motivation and focus.

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7-Day Finance Business Partnering Email Challenge

A 7-day series of emails, guiding you to develop a business-focused, value-adding, action plan for your Finance business partnering activities

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Free Spreadsheet Template

A spreadsheet template, capturing the key details of your KPIs. This serves as a glossary for report users, as well as forcing you to justify how each measure should be used to track and improve performance.

See this blog article for more context: How to Develop KPIs that More Than Count

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Free Spreadsheet Form Template

This spreadsheet template leads you through a step by step process of collecting information and assessing it to work out Finance business partnering priorities. From that information you should be able to develop a coherent action plan that will get your Finance Business Partners focused on driving business performance.

See this blog article for context: Developing Finance Business Partnering

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Free Short Pdf eBook Download

This short summary ebook is a downloadable pdf, which gives a bullet-point-level, illustrated, step-by-step guide to how to use the value driver tree methodology to discover business value drivers and define KPIs.

Goes with this blog article: How to Define Value Drivers

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Free survey tool

Use this scored questionnaire to give an indication how well your business manages and controls projects, and what areas you can improve as a Finance business partner

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Free data collection template

Assess all the automation tools you have at your disposal before you spend money adding new ones! AND work out which tool is best for which job.

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