FREE: KPI Catalogue Template to Help Develop and Catalogue KPIs

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If you want to a template to catalogue Key Performance Indicators, at the same time as making it explicit where each one fits into the performance measurement schemadownload this simple “cheat sheet”. 100% FREE!

This template allows you to record details of each KPI your business uses.

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What does the template do?

Guiding you step by step to think about...

Strategic value

What objective or critical success factor each KPI is actually measuring?

What strategic objectives each KPI may lead into?

What is good performance?

What does 'good' looks like for each KPI?

Driving the right behaviours

What actions are expected to improve performance?

A simple way of doing two things:

  1. Making sure all your KPIs are strategically aligned; and
  2. Having a handy explanatory guide and catalogue for anyone wanting to understand the KPIs you report, and how they should be used. 


Supercharged Finance is all about providing online tools, training, advice, and thought-provoking content, to help Finance and Accounting professionals working in business.

It is our firm belief that one of the main aims of a Finance function in business is to drive its performance. For more on that, see the video on the home page.

This FREE template fits into that philosophy by guiding you to link performance measurement and reporting with your business strategy in the clearest way possible.

Further explanation is in our blog post on developing KPIs.



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